To meet the growing demand in the composite industry NASHERO s.r.l. and R&M Int. are collaborating to bring to market Vacuum Infused Composite Parts. Utilizing proprietary technology and the Vacuum infusion process to produce superior quality and more competitive parts. We seek to work with companies that have a requirement for “High Value Low Production” composites. A fiber volumetric fraction of .6 to .7 can be achieved for the Aerospace Industry.


  • Simplified procurement processes and supply chains
  • Reduced raw material and interim manufacturing component overhead
  • Improved manufacturing cost/quality ratio
  • Lower costs through increased efficiency Reduced scrap rates and material wastage


  • Aircraft
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine

Product Capabilities

  • Low volume extremely high quality
    production of composite materials.
  • Machining and kitting of core materials.
  • Expertise in working with Glass, Carbon,
    Basalt, Graphite and Aramid.
  • Stocked warehouse with raw materials
    and quick supply of composite parts
  • Clean room and jigs can be fully delegated
    for urgent work if needed.
  • Small size & zero bureaucracy, low overhead,
    give us a quick turnaround capability.

Design and Analysis Capabilities

  • Turnkey design of aerospace parts and
    full aircraft from design requirements.
  • Turnkey design of other high end
    engineering goods.
  • Design of control systems and subsystems
    using COTS hardware and several
    programming languages
  • Flexibility to engage at any design stage and
    in a team environment for a full development cycle.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Composite structures up to 26’ in length and 4.5’ in diameter
    can be made by us in a single piece on our large rotating jig.
  • Machining master models in tooling foam, SMP, epoxy slabs etc.
  • High quality surface finishing of tooling up to a mirror finish.
  • Building of molds using proprietary infusion technology
    and zero-shrink tooling resins. o Building of composite
    prototypes using aerospace epoxy.
  • Static and dynamic testing of composites.