With our broad product range, R&M International serves across diverse markets to meet all your needs. Our large footprint give us the capability to design solutions for more than a dozen different industries, providing and delivering superior quality products for our customers.

Our list of industries served includes, but is not limited to:

  • Buyers of filament waste for processing in fiber
    for nonwovens
  • Buyers of industrial fabric stock lots, for repurposing.
  • Buyers of stock lot webbings in nylon and polyester
  • Carbon fiber parts buyers
  • Carbon fiber weavers
  • Extruders of nylon 66 recycled pellets
    - Injection and blow molders
  • Fiber for concrete: micro/macro
  • Fishing net manufacturers
  • Garneting companies
  • Nonwoven companies
  • Obsolete stock
  • Rope and cordage
    - Braiders and Twisters
  • Rugs and Carpet weavers
  • Spinners of wool carpet yarn
  • Texturizing companies for nylon
  • Weaving companies using filament yarns
  • Wire and Cable companies
    - Using Kevlar/Twaron/Vectran/Spectra/Dyneema

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